Thursday, May 22, 2008

Today's Quickie

So, I meandered into a (dare I say it) internet dating sight. Morbid curiosity really, since my dating profile would say something like,

"Are you interested in the Army National Guard Dating plan? Then, I am your gal, because I can only go out one weekend a month and two weeks every summer."

I wouldn't expect to get too many responses from that, I might though, because I am not above using Gisele Bundchen's pictures as me in my profile.

Anyway, tip for the men on these sites...any picture of you with a girl (or any of her body parts) half cropped out of the photo IS NOT acceptable for your profile. I don't care who she is, we, the future ex's, will assume it is a previous g-friend and don't appreciate seeing what the psycho queen who will repeatedly call our house at 1 am, looks like.

Not Acceptable


No hint of girl in photo, great choice for your dating profile!

OK Date Photo

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