Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Weekly Words Challenge #40



This is the evil forces of darkness in my life, the unmatched sock pile.



Do you see the lizard? He was crawling along the rocks at the zoo.

Bonus Photos

Side view

This is the ever-so-humble Casa de Ditsy. We moved in in November and it was brand spanking new, okay, now the wall thing 4 year old did below, is ever so much worse, huh?

Front porch.

New house is oh, so much better than shiteous apartments (and the kitchen, granite counter tops, stainless steel appliances, cherry cabinets, makes a gal wish she liked to cook).

WARNING -Rant mode on: The jerks at the complex (Sage Stone Apartments in Glendale, don't ever bloody rent there!) sent me a delinquency notice 3 months after I moved out. I cannot speak rationally about the double billing and lies they told, all over $150. Anyway, I also killed 15 scorpions while living there, inside my apartment and roaches. Upscale apartment living my lily-white-doughnut-fueled-ass....ohhhhmmmm, ohhhhmmmmm. Rant mode over.

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