Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Weekly Words Challenge #39 & Headlines of The Day

1st Birthday Cake


Getting a drink

This is my first entry into the photo meme. Tink's blog will tell you all about it. The words this week were Peekaboo and Dirty. The first picture is of my youngest son's 1st Birthday, complete with his own "smash cake" and the second picture is just us goofing around in Scotsdale one day.

Headlines of the Day (found on the internet, true story)

Is Obama Black or Biracial? (
This needs to be a headline, because…? Is this open for debate? The side with the most votes determines his heritage?

Are My Tomatoes Safe? (
The problem is serious, but the headline is hilarious.

Housing Crunch Hits 90210 ‘Hood (

Flooded Creek Strands Cows (
Didn’t anyone give them floatation devices? Don’t they know how to do the backstroke?

Athletes Using Viagra to Boost Sports Performance (
Uh, when they talk about performance on the bottle, the did not mean improving your performance on the basketball court.

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