Tuesday, May 20, 2008

There's A Hole In the Bucket

Yesterday, I walked out to my car in the 111 degree heat, to see my keys, perched on my center console, unreachable behind the locked door. My carpool buddy smiled and laughed. I was lucky enough to have another friend take us home.

Upon arriving home, I did the usual - tried everything I could to get out of cooking an actual meal, took off my offending heels, put on some haus frau outfit and yelled at my kids for something*. It was while yelling at the kids, something caught my eye on the ceiling in the kitchen and my brain shouted to me,

"YOU HAVE WON A LEAK IN YOUR CEILING!! All expenses will be paid by the builder (thank you God for that one), but you probably should get your helpless self upstairs to figure out how to turn off the water to your toilet!" Which, I did.

Yup, my brand new house hath sprung a leak and I am waiting for the plumbers to come. They are to be here sometime between Noon and 4 pm. I figure I will see them around,uh, we'll go for 6ish tonight.

So, it was a great damn day in the Ditsy household yesterday. I won't even mention that my dog had the shits or the numerous places she deemed appropriate to make her condition known to us. Nope, cuz then it would just seem like I make this stuff up.

*I don't know exactly what I was yelling at them for, but I did start out trying to blame the leak on their getting the floor wet after their baths. When I apologized later, my oldest son graciously said, "how embarrassing for you, huh, momma?"

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