Thursday, February 21, 2008

The Advent of Nicotine Gum

I was digging through my purse the other day and I had a flash back to when I had asked my mother for gum. My mom was (still is) an avid smoker and gum chewer. I inherited the gum chewing from her, not the smoking and now my children love gum. Anyway, I used to ask her for gum and she would hand me her gum pack, on a good day. On a bad day...she dug around in the bottom of her purse and found the random straggling pieces of gum that had escaped from the pack. This was bad, because invariably the gum was funny tasting and crunchy, yes, crunchy, there I said it. Once I was curious as to what it was I was tasting and crunching on, I explored the bottom of her purse and there were tabacco flakes all over the bottom, some mixed in with the gum wrappers. Well, that answers the flavor and the crunchy question, now doesn't it.

For the record, I never again took a piece of gum from the bottom of her purse.
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