Saturday, August 09, 2008

Internet Love Song Part II

So, I set out on my adventure to find Pam and Tommy, well, mostly Tommy. I searched to see what popped up in Google. I found a site that said it had the video. Clicked on the site and like a true idiot (someone who should know better but does something anyway) when it asked me if I wanted to let the site run an 'Active X' program, I click, 'yes'. For those of you at home who don't know this, never, ever do this from a site you don't trust (i.e. one running porn).

Next, all hell broke loose. My computer had a trojan and it invited it's friends over to party. It took over my admin rights, I couldn't even manage my own computer anymore. Of course, having clicked 'yes' I probably demonstrated that I shouldn't be allowed to have these rights, anyway.

I had to reload Windows and I had to swallow my pride and talk to some of my techno geek co-workers to find out how to remedy the problem. I like my techno geeks, there are days I think I even understand what they are talking about, but damn, do NOT ever get cornered by them for a discussion on Windows versus Linux. My eyes are still glazed over from that conversation and just for fun; one of them threw in a brief spiel about DOS. I finally, fixed my computer, I lost some files (and some of my iTunes songs, chaps my hide that I am going to have to pay for the again), but all in all I did all right.

The moral of this story is best summed up by my conversation with Yna on the incident.

Yna- And how did you get the trojan?

Me - Well, I, uh, wanted to see Tommy Lee...

Yna - You were surfing for porn!

Me - Maybe, if you want to look at it that way.

Yna - And you got a disease for your troubles, that should teach you. Even in the internet world you manage to come up with something like that....

Me - It wasn't me, it was Pam and Tommy, they're the ones with the cooties, they just rubbed off on me.

So, next time I go surfing for porn, I guess I'll just have to be more conscientious about the sites I choose. Do the ones you pay for still give you diseases? Grrrr, fine, my fabulous days of internet porn are over. It's okay, I never did understand the spitting thing anyway.
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