Sunday, September 20, 2009

A Good Ribbing

For those of you who have read my tweets or followed my blog for awhile, you should be aware my brother is gay. He is very open about being gay and I am in no way anything less than supportive of him and his sexuality. He is, however, my brother and therefore fair game in the world of sibling ribbing. His boyfriend arrived in town this week and the night before his boyfriend flew into our lovely city, the following exchange took place at my parent’s house, in front of my beleaguered, Catholic, mother.

Bro: I bought this new razor, buy one get one free, it looks like a good one.

Me: What are you shaving?

Bro: (points to his beard)

Me: For starters, at least, manscaping is so considerate.

Bro: (Mouthing to me) SHUT UP!!!

A few minutes later he comes out and asks if the beard line under his chin is even.

Mom: Yes, it looks good!

Me: Why do you care? He is only going to see the top of your head.

Mom: What? What did she say?

Me and Bro (together): Nothing!

My brother, who has a very red face this point (irritation or embarrassment, you decide), begins mouthing things to me, that I think, translates to – shut up or I am going to hurt you in ways you have never even dreamed of before this moment!

I think that is what he said, I have never been all that great at lip reading. I totally got the finger gesture he threw out though! *tsk* How rude!!!
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